Steve McKay

Steve McKay has been a part of the B106.7 family since 2018. Steve was born in NY and grew up a Jersey boy. “I think a lot of radio folks have in common, that they knew what they wanted to do at a young age. For me, as a very young boy, I would run around with a hair brush, introducing ‘the next act.’ Later, in Jr high, I talked my teachers into letting me use two record players (remember those?) and I’d do a “radio show” during lunch in the lunchroom.”

We asked Steve what he likes best about the Midlands: “That’s easy. I love the sense of community here. I’ve always believed strongly that people who get to do what I do for a living, need to use our resources to make the community a better place. From that standpoint, I fit right in.”

B106.7 plays a wide variety of music. Do you have a favorite artist or band? “Boy, I know this sounds like a copout, but I have eclectic tastes. I guess it all depends on my mood. My all-time fav, would be Billy Joel. However, my tastes go from the crooners like Sinatra, to Sugar Hill Gang to Aerosmith to Bruno Mars…there’s not much I don’t like.

You’ve been known to be, how shall I say, “outgoing” since joining B106.7. Are like that in your personal life? “Ha! Do you mean, do I dress outrageous and dye my hair at home? No. (at least not when anyone is watching!)

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