Summer is an original Carolina, Myrtle Beach girl who ran away to Los Angeles. ‘Carolina-fornia girl’.

    She had her own Radio show and did a lot of plays.”…acting is fun for sure”!

    Summer is back and knows how to pronounce the streets- HUGH-G not hugger for HUGER.

    From Summers vault:

    SummerLovin’ is my nickname because I love anything to do with the water except mosquitoes

    I will never get used to being bit randomly.

    Forest Green is my favorite color, truthfully, any green will do.

    Chartreuse is my buzzword. I put it in my kid’s book.

    Oh yeah, I write kids-books (which is why I am an insomniac)

    It’s quiet late at night.

    I just found the Old Johnny Carson show on Antenna TV, he is my guilty pleasure because he is such a pro and now, I stay up later! Aah.

    I love to laugh and am constantly looking for new funny shows and good stand-up comedy.

    If you know of a great comedian, let me know @SummerOnB1067

    I have 3 adopted dogs I spoil rotten then there are 3 cats that think I am supposed to feed them, but they are my neighbors…I occasionally give in and hook them up.