Weekends on b106.7

b106.7 is blessed to have a bevy of talented radio people that keep you updated with traffic, weather and Today’s Hits and Yesterday’s Favorites over the weekend. When you get in the car to take your kids to soccer practice, do a little shopping or spend some time on Lake Murray, these are the professionals you hear every weekend on b106.7.
Bill Deller

Hey, hiya doin?

I’ve been in the radio biz for a while now…started when we still played some shows and songs from records. When I was growing up I was always put in charge of the music for everybody’s parties. The folks would say I spin the best tunes and I have a really great radio voice. I should get in the radio biz. Well many years after college at The University of South Carolina I decided I’d do just that. I got a part time job at Sunny 100 WSCQ in May of 1991. I worked there playing adult contemporary tunes for about 9 months when they decided to change their format to play old, old music. I’m talking back when frank Sinatra had real hair. I new I had to go so I applied at B106.7 and Doug Spets hired me in June of 1992. The rest, as everybody says, is history. In 2007 we launched our all sports station, 1075 The Game, and I started running the board for Gamecock baseball and basketball games, and South Carolina call in shows, Inside the Roost and Carolina Calls in addition to still working weekends on B106.7. When I’m not on either station, I find time to put in 40 hour weeks at SCETV in Media Operations. Yep, I’m one busy guy but I’m doing what I love. Email Bill Deller here.

Y’all take care!

Andrea James

Andrea James is not only one of our wonderful weekend air talents, she’s also our promotions director for b106.7!

She has all sorts of awesome prizes that she is hiding away in our prize closet right now. So, if you feel the itch, give her a call on Saturdays and ask her for something. If you can correctly guess one of the things in our prize closet, sight unseen, she MIGHT give it to you. Or you can just request a song. You know…whatever works for you.  Email Andrea James here.

Jennifer Jensen

In February 2015 I will celebrate 22 years at b106.7!!   There isn’t much I haven’t done at the station, and am privileged to still be able to be on the air AND
to direct the b106.7 Radiothon to benefit Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital (This year’s event, March 10-12th, will be our 12th annual event!!).
Originally from a small town about 50 miles South of Chicago, my husband and I moved here 20 years ago (I must have been about 9 when we moved!!)
and have called South Carolina home ever since!

I love music, sports (we’re adopted Gamecock fans), IndyCar and NASCAR racing and pulling a good prank or two!!  Over the years I have learned the need for patience, as I am a
fan of the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs.  Of course the need for patience also comes into play being the Mom of a 17 year old daughter and 12 year old son.

Shameless plug alert:  If your family has used the Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital and you’d like to share your story; OR, if you’d like to volunteer for our annual b106.7 Radiothon, please reach out to me at jennifer.jensen@cumulus.com.  THANKS!!

Steve Ross

Known around the b106.7 halls as “The Cookie Man”, Steve Ross is one of the smoothest talking people you’ll ever meet. Usually found on Saturday afternoons, Steve is a long time resident of South Carolina and a huge Gamecock fan. If you don’t hear Steve on the air it’s probably because he’s cheering on the Gamecocks somewhere.

Steve Ross is just an all around great guy, and he brings us cookies which means he’s “Tony Clyburn Approved.”  Email Steve Ross here.

Hal Stewart

I have been with b106.7-WTCB since August 1999. . .back then I was hired to engineer the b106.7 APM parties, but after 8 years of giving away great prizes I passed the torch on to someone else.

Now I get to enjoy many other duties here at b106.7-WTCB. I can be found in the air-chair most weekends playing the tunes and keeping you up-to-date on traffic and weather.

I also have the pleasure of being able to engineer the tailgate and pregame shows for Gamecock Football coverage on our sister station 1075-The Game. . .The Home of the Gamecocks!

I would say probably the best part of my job here at b106.7-WTCB has been having the honor of being part of all our b106.7 Radiothons for Children’s Hospital where I have had the pleasure of meeting some really awesome people.

Most call this a job, I call it fun!  Email Hal Stewart here.


KC Carson

Hi! I have been with B-106.7 since 1985. Ok, so I took a 26 year break between 1987 and 2013. I needed the time to learn how to work the buttons. Then they changed the buttons. Actually, I have been around Columbia radio and television for awhile, but these days I am enjoying playing Today’s Best Music and Yesterday’s Favorites. And you never know when I might pop up, so please pay attention! I thank each and every one of you for listening. Interesting trivia about me: Favorite Color: polka dots. Favorite Number: Y (Don’t try to play that in the lottery). Favorite Musical Artist: Donald Duck (Remember when he swallowed the “voice” pills?) Favorite Food: Depends on how much gas is in the car or whether I feel like walking. I am so good at dodging questions; maybe I should go into politics. Tune me in and let us have an adventure together! I promise that I will try to behave myself, no matter where you take me. Unlike last time. Sorry.

Email KC Carson here.